Strip That Fat Review - Is it a Diet Scam or Not?

Tired of the Endless Loop of Yo-Yo Diets? Here is Why Your Last Diet Didn’t Work

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Brand new Jetpack features, a much cheaper backup solution, and .blog availability!

Introducing Jetpack Personal: our most affordable backup solution yet

Our new Personal Plan bundles spam filtering, daily automated backups to an offsite location, a 30-day backup archive, and unlimited storage space — for just $3.50 per month — or $39 per year giving you a further 7% discount.

We'll back up your entire site — no matter how big it is! We also offer site migration and automated restores. If you need help, our happiness engineers are standing by.

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New features in Jetpack 4.4

We support Pinterest shortcodes. Now, links to Pinterest profiles or to a specific board or pin turn into an embed. We've also made some important improvements to how our Related Posts feature indexes your content making the service faster.

We've also added two new sidebar widgets and, for our Professional customers brand new SEO tools including the ability to customize site title and tagline display as well as meta descriptions for pages and custom posts will help search engines crawl your content quickly.

Jetpack 4.4 SEO Tools

.blog domains are now available to everyone

Get your .blog domain and associate it with your existing WordPress site today!

Visit to purchase or register a .blog domain through your favorite domain provider.!

Case Study: Albuquerque Journal boosts traffic 4% with Jetpack Related Posts

As the Albuquerque Journal — a newspaper with 580k paid print subscribers and three million monthly page views — found out, enabling Related Posts increased their traffic by 4%. In addition, all the processing power and work needed to index their 190,000 posts is offloaded to Jetpack's servers and new posts, around 130 per day in the Journal's case, are indexed and related within 24 hours.

Jetpack 4.3 React Dashboard

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Brandon — Happiness Engineer

Friday, October 14, 2016

Exciting Jetpack redesign, introducing our Professional Plan, and a few traffic tips

A faster, simpler user interface, powered by React

Last year we set out to redesign Jetpack based on feedback from more than 8,000 Jetpack users like yourself. You asked us for a faster and easier admin experience that better integrated paid plans, stats, and management tools — all while keeping (and improving) access to all the great features you're accustomed to.

Jetpack 4.3 React Dashboard

We are proud to present Jetpack 4.3, a plugin powered by React — the same JavaScript library on which is built. You're going to experience much faster management of your favorite features: Enabling and configuring features is lightning fast and doesn't require you to reload the page. You're also going to love the all new At a Glance view, which gives you an overview of your website health, traffic, and status at a quick glance.

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Jetpack Professional has arrived and it's easier than ever to secure your website

We've combined the best tools on the Internet to secure, backup, and protect your site under one plan. You can sleep easy knowing that Jetpack is monitoring your site. We'll let you know if it goes offline, if hackers try to get in, if files are modified, or if spammers try to compromise your brand and SEO.

In the worst-case scenario, your entire site, including content and files, will be backed up to an offsite secure location. Our industry-leading support team will assist you with whatever you need to get your website back online, so that your visitors can continue enjoying your content.

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Get people to stay on your website longer

Writing a blog post is no easy feat. When you publish a piece of content, you want people to stick around on your website to read your words. You hope blog visitors will be so fascinated, they'll want to explore your blog to find even more useful content, just like the post that initially led them to your website. You hope they'll love that content so much that they'll convert into loyal fans, subscribers…and customers.

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